Paint Additives

Our line of paint additives considers from a high performance Titanium Dioxide, Titanium Dioxide Extenders, to specific functional additives for various formulations. In the production of paint, additives control the interaction between the main components of a coating system (resin, solvent/water, solids/powders). In addition, they also modify the interaction of the coating with the substrate and the environment, thus optimizing its aesthetics and performance.


Titanium Dioxide
Titanium Dioxide – Extenders
Antifoam agents
Dispersing Agents
Thickeners and Rheological Modifiers
Surfactants – Wetting Agents
Hydrofobic Agents
Calcium carbonates – Natural
Calcium carbonates – Precipitated
Antimicrobial Agents
Calcined Kaolin
Light Stabilizers
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Atoquimica is a company specialized in the distribution and sale of high quality raw materials for the industry. With over 18 years of experience, we are one of the best technically prepared companies to understand the use, features and performance of the various additives we sell.

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