PVC Additives

Atoquimica has the broadest portfolio of raw materials for the PVC market. This ranges from PVC resins, PVC compounds (rigid, flexible, PVC-wood), additives that enable correct processing of PVC, to additives that enhance the use and performance of the finished product.

Understanding the importance of additives in the formulation of a PVC product, has led Atoquimica to develop with their represented clients a broad portfolio of additives specifically made for each client and their needs.


PVC Resins Suspension – Homopolymers
PVC Resins Suspension – Copolymers
PVC Resins Paste – Homopolymers
PVC Resins Paste – Copolymers
PVC Blending – Homopolymer Resins
PVC Blending Resins – Copolymers
PVC Compounds – Rigid
PVC Compounds – Flexible
PVC Compounds – Wood
Plasticizers – Monomeric
Plasticizers – Polymeric
Plasticizers – Epoxidized
Plasticizers – Flame Retardants
Plasticizers – Phthalates Free
Heat stabilizer
Light Stabilizers
Viscosity Depressants
Calcium Carbonates
Antifogging Agents
Antistatic Agents
Antimicrobials Agents
Foaming Agents
Flame retardants and smoke supressants
Impact Modifiers
Aid Process
To ask about this or other products you can call us on (+56 2) 2346 6000 or write to atoquimica@atoquimica.cl

Atoquimica is a company specialized in the distribution and sale of high quality raw materials for the industry. With over 18 years of experience, we are one of the best technically prepared companies to understand the use, features and performance of the various additives we sell.

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